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    Shenzhen Dongtai International Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen. It is adjacent to Huizhou Daya Bay in the East..

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    Business philosophy: efficient and professional, customer service, innovative development Company tenet: Based on Dongtai, win-win cooperation, happy logistics QQ: 2532862992 ...

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    The company has rich experience in strategic cooperation with many famous enterprises. Customers are highly satisfied with the service quality and efficiency of the company, and identify with the company's brand...

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Dongtai international logistics, the first choice for your goods export to the world

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Service advantages

Advantage 1: own independent logistics information system

WMS system:Meet the requirements of e-commerce sellers, from order grabbing to address label printing, order return, online pickup, online financial accounting and other functions;
Storage system:From the product establishment, SKU printing, customized product warehousing and multi warehouse management, the real-time synchronization of inventory and order status is realized, which greatly reduces the return and exchange rate of e-commerce buyers, express delivery disputes and other issues;

Advantage 2: strong global logistics and warehousing advantage

Logistics advantages:There are more than 40 independent and cooperative logistics channels, including (international express delivery, postal parcels, international special lines, international air transport), which can meet the customer needs of different cross-border e-commerce, and select the most appropriate logistics channel according to customer needs, so that customers can experience a more cost-effective, time-saving and better service logistics mode;
Storage advantages:It has 10 professional e-commerce warehouses in Singapore, Dubai and China, advanced management mode, professional warehouse and delivery management team, which can provide accurate and reasonable solutions for e-commerce enterprises and warehousing service companies, and reduce operating costs;
cooperative partner
  • OPPO
  • 中兴
  • 豪恩集团
  • 万泰集团
  • 海尔
  • 九州集团
  • 李锦记
  • 山东奥克特集团
  • 德普特科技
  • BYD
  • 小米
  • 道格
  • 海格物流
  • 伟创力
  • 伯恩
  • 博世

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